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Our Services

Please note that this is a short and very brief list of a few services that are currently offered. For further in-depth review, please consult your outside or inside Brownstown sales representative.


Brownstown currently uses the Electronic Data Interchange method for sending and receipt of the 810, 850, 857, 860, and 997 documents to and from our customers and suppliers.


The Evaluated Receipts System transaction process is currently in place at Brownstown and being used by several of our customers. This process eliminates the need for invoicing altogether and reduces the paperwork load in both the Purchasing and the Accounts Payable departments for our customers.

Job Trailers

Brownstown has over sixty (60) "job trailers" that are used around the four-state area for project jobs in the Coop, Municipal and IOU markets. Some of the job trailer features are: Material is not loaded and reloaded at customers dock, controlling damage and disappearing material… Material is loaded in order that material is to be used on job… Job trailer provides a meeting place for crews and supervisors… Material is shipped per specified bill of material but overages or unused material may be left on trailer for credit when job is complete and trailer is picked up.

Pro-Card Purchases

Brownstown Electric currently accepts VISA and MasterCard transactions from companies using these type procurement cards.

Reporting Capabilities

Brownstown Electric currently runs daily fill rate reports on all our customers deliveries. Fill rate reports can be produced for individual customers per their request.

Restocking Charges

Any item that is a normal stocked item at Brownstown Electric, will be picked up and restocked at Brownstown at no charge by our trucks.

RUS Unit Breakdown

Brownstown has all the RUS construction units in our system that allow us to provide a "bill of material" for a given list of units needed to build a new service for our RUS customers. This process works hand-in-hand with the Job Trailer (above) concept very well.

Custom Labeling

Brownstown currently offers custom labeling of products we provide and deliver.

Online Host System

Since 1989 Brownstown has offered our own internal electronic host system allowing our customers to check open orders, stock, order entry and many other services. With the advent of the Internet these services have moved to the web and are now available in other areas of this web site you are now visiting.